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Warranty Direct sees increase in value of write-off claims

The value of claims for written off vehicles has risen 55% over the past three years.

That’s the finding of Warranty Direct which ran the rule over its books and found the average individual claim value for vehicles written-off over the three-year period was £3,765 with some of the highest individual claims being over £15,000.

The two brands most likely to be written off or subject to theft were BMWs and Fords, each accounting for 17% of overall GAP claims.

This was closely followed by Mercedes-Benz and Vauxhall in second place (11%) and Audis in third place (4%).

The highest costing average claims were made by Mercedes-Benz drivers at £5,165 per person, closely followed by Audi drivers, whose claims averaged at £4,905.

Warranty Direct’s data has shown the average individual pay out for theft-related claims since 2014 resulted in £3,360 per customer.

Simon Ackers, Warranty Direct’s COO said: “It’s clear from the recent steep rise in vehicle-related thefts and write-offs, advances in vehicle manufacturing and technology cannot always prevent irreparable damage.”

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