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How Payment Swap can boost sales for dealers

Look around. Every dealer is busy chasing the same customer, they’re advertising to sell cars a bit like someone who is fishing an under-stocked pond. It’s a crowded marketplace where only the search engines and very expensive portals are genuinely benefitting from the over-fishing. Working closely with Exchange & Mart and Newsquest International, we felt it was about time all ...

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A decade of digital excellence

This year marks an important milestone for Auto Trader; on the 29th June we’ll be hosting our 10th annual Auto Trader Click Awards at Banking Hall, in the City of London. For a decade now we’ve been celebrating the very best in digital retail, rewarding those dealers that are pushing our industry forward. The automotive retail sector is fast evolving, ...

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What to opt for: summer tyres or all-season ones?

Drivers often misunderstand the difference between summer and all-season tyres supposing that the weather is their only distinguisher. In reality, there is a much bigger difference between them. And depending on your driving style, road condition, and the vehicle itself, all season and summer tyres can have both serious limitations and benefits. This simple guide will help you to make ...

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What’s a review ever done for you?

Twenty years ago you may have found yourself in the pub listening to your friends question your holiday choice. And despite what the glossy holiday brochure told you, a raised eyebrow from a friend was far more influential than a ‘4 Suns’ certificate. Today, when we shop online we’re naturally drawn to those items that have a review. As consumers ...

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