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Land Rover and the continuing need for diesel

Politicians in several parts of the world have promised to ban petrol and diesel engine cars from 2040. It is an easy gesture to make, reinforcing their countries’ commitment to the climate change agreements and justifying their governments’ investment in electric cars and alternative power sources, but it is also a cynical one. Those setting the targets know that, in ...

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Things are looking good for Ford and its dealers. Or are they?

The new generation of the Ford Fiesta, Britain’s best-selling car, is in the showrooms. It is more spacious, more efficient, and better equipped than its predecessor. Although the price has gone up, we can expect the new model to continue Fiesta’s seven year reign at the top of the UK sales charts. With the Focus, due for replacement next year,  ...

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Making sense of Volvo’s electrifying future plans

Volvo’s recent announcement about its future electric strategy is only part of its Chinese owner’s worldwide ambitions You may have heard that Volvo is to be the first car company to go all-electric. The headlines proclaimed that this is the end of the internal combustion engine, the start of a new era in private transportation. Of course, it is nothing ...

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The future for Volkswagen Group post dieselgate

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Volkswagen set its sights on world domination back in 2009: it was to make orderly progress through expansion, increasing sales with new marques, a wider product range, and ventures into new markets. By 2018 it would be the global number one in terms of sales volume, profitability, employee motivation and customer satisfaction. Well, ...

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The road ahead for Suzuki dealers

It was the Swift that changed our perception of Suzuki. Before it first appeared in 2005, Suzuki was known for its small workhorse 4X4s – the LJ, SJ and Santana – and cheap minicars based on Japanese market kei (or small) cars. Swift was a well-priced, modern, European-style supermini with a sporty flavour and was pivotal in Suzuki’s move into ...

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