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Medium diesel values will not suffer any kind of crash

The non-premium, medium sized car segment remains very popular with car buyers.  Some of the UK’s most popular cars sit within this segment, the Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf and Vauxhall Astra. These three models alone account for more than half of the segment’s volume. Better than most, this segment has survived the rigours of change and has shown resilience, despite ...

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Can motor dealers afford not to change?

The world of motor retail is changing rapidly but the conversations on electric vehicles, declining registrations, GDPR, online retailers and the FCA’s interest in PCP have been well documented. If motor retailers wish to be something more than simple order takers fulfilling a knock down deal brokered by an algorithm, they need to start appealing to modern customers. The trade ...

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Is diesel set for a fight back?

This goes against much of the rhetoric that has been published lately, but, is diesel set for a fight-back? The reason that diesel has been so popular with fleet operators over the years is due to the fact that they offer a higher level of economy, especially when used to navigate up and down motorways, covering large distances regularly. There ...

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Longer term PCPs are a race to the bottom for everybody

Every PCP deal you write on the lowest possible monthly price is a three-pronged threat to your future. It might sound dramatic, but the maths show that relying on a rock bottom monthly price to win a sale today sacrifices tomorrow’s profitability. There are three problems with the industry’s growing addiction to lengthening PCP terms. First, it pushes the opportunity ...

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Britain today: A tale of two car markets

The unpredictable impact of Brexit has created a tale of two car markets.  On one side, discounts on new cars are commonplace with scrappage schemes and deposit contributions, whilst on the other, in the used car market, prices are continuing to rise. Counter-intuitively, the sales of new diesel engine cars slumped in 2017 and 2018, whilst prices for used diesels ...

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