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Mazda dealers promised new line-up by 2015

Photo of Mazda6 250Mazda dealers will be selling an all new range of models by 2015 as the brand moves to re-establish itself in the UK and other international markets.

Mazda’s UK sales have been in decline for five years with 2012 sales falling to just 26,183, nearly half the level of its 2007 record of 50,947.

Phil Waring, chief operating officer of Mazda Europe, confirmed the brand was back in growth mode.

“Mazda is at the start of a major product offensive. We will replace the whole showroom between now and 2015,” he said.

Dealer sales have been severely impacted by the brand’s ageing product portfolio as Mazda suspended new product launches to invest in its ambitious Skyactiv platform —  a powertrain and chassis technology package which reduces emissions and improves fuel economy– which will be standard on all new generation cars from last year’s all-new CX-5 SUV.

Leading the product offensive is the new generation Mazda6, which went on sale this month as a saloon and tourer, there will not be a hatchback model, priced from £19,995. Mazda also hopes to re-establish itself in the user-chooser  fleet sector with a 2.2-litre petrol model with a 108g/km emission level.

The new model sees the debut of the brand’s i-ELOOP system which uses regenerative power from the braking system to produce electricity for the car’s internal systems.

Mazda remains tight lipped on which model will be next for renewal but it is thought likely that an all-new Mazda3 will debut in 12-15 months time, followed in 2015 by the new generation MX-5, which will also provide the platform for a new Alfa Romeo roadster.

Author Curtis Hutchinson

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