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Ford Retail turns loss into profit

Ford Retail has turned a £5m loss into a £3m profit within a year and is now the manufacturer-owned dealer group with the second biggest turnover in Motor Trader’s Top 200 survey.


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The group posted an £827m turnover, a result only beaten by DaimlerChrysler’s figure of £1,171m.

Ford Retail comfortably beat next placed Renault’s Reagroup, which posted turnover of £561m.

PSA groups

It also beat the Peugeot Robins & Day outlets, which generated £510m, and the Citroen Retail Group, which produced a turnover of £250m over the same period.

Formed two years ago and ranked number 20 in the Top 200, Ford Retail attributed the turnaround to a mix of increased sales and “significant cost reductions and efficiency improvements.”

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Dagenham Motors site in London
In 2006 it posted a sales volume rise of 6.7 per cent to 34,220 units in a market which it claims saw a six year low in new vehicle volumes with a 3.9 per cent reduction in demand.

Market penetration

Total Ford new car market penetration over this period rose by 0.35 per cent and the dealer group accounts for 16 per cent of Ford’s new vehicle sales in the UK.Ford Retail operates under the Dagenham Motors name in London and the south east, Polar Ford in Yorkshire and the north west, Heartlands Ford in Birmingham and Brunel Ford in Bristol and the west.

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